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Problem we solve

Manually appointing vendors to hire contract talent? Outsourcing to freelancers instead of Agencies?

For any business, economic ups and downs are a reality. Contract talent offers flexibility. Enterprise vendors reach out to other agencies in search for quality talent creating a multi-layered and time consuming search often delayed longer than expected due to payment terms negotiations and agreements.

  • Solution

    Hire Contractors from Trusted Software Agencies, Outsource with Confidence

    LinkedIn, Indeed and other job boards are great for full-time hiring, but what about finding contract talent? Amy connects you directly with a network of reputable software agencies and their skilled professionals, giving you the confidence to hire contract talent.

    We also simplify outsourcing to software agencies, ensuring your projects are in the hands of expert teams with strong organizational support, meeting high standards and deadlines.

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  • Amy dev support: When your software dev teams needs expert help

    Our vision is to make every enterprise a super-efficient enterprise by connecting them to other businesses globally, fostering B2B e-commerce, one industry vertical at a time.

    At Amy, we’re changing the way you hire contract talent, outsource projects, and get expert help to your dev teams by connecting to our global network of software services agencies.

Charting our path forward

For any company to not only survive but thrive, a clear sense of purpose is paramount.

Our vision

Our vision is to make every enterprise a super-efficient enterprise by connecting them to other businesses globally, fostering B2B e-commerce, one industry vertical at a time.

Our mission

Be the leading global platform for the software services industry and enable each company to leverage the power of generative AI for their enterprise.

Meet our lead team

If you like what we are doing, join us and help us in our mission and build a great career with us

  • Kiran Teegala

    Founder, CEO

    Seasoned serial entrepreneur, successfully exited two high-growth SaaS startups, known for scaling ventures from inception to 120+ team members in just 2 years.

  • Shiva Prasad G


    SaaS industry veteran with over 12 years of hands-on experience in product development. A team player and a passion for cricket, combining dedication with a love for innovation.

  • Surya Dusi

    Technical Advisor

    Product expert with a remarkable 14+ years of experience in building and scaling SaaS products. Holds an MBA from Duke Fuqua, bringing a powerful blend of academic and practical knowledge.


Our culture

At our company, we value hardworking, passionate, and highly skilled individuals who collaborate as a dedicated team to achieve our mission efficiently.

Not work-life balance, but balanced life

We believe in achieving a balance between work and personal life, recognizing that life isn't a competition between the two.

Research and innovation at our core

Innovation drives our success. We prioritize research and innovation to stay ahead, deliver long-term value, and remain relevant.

Equal opportunity for all

Every team member in the organization is equally respected without any discrimination of race, gender, color, sexuality, caste or any other social ill. Except a person’s competence and skills nothing else should be considered important at the workplace.

Performance-based growth

We reward results, not just hours worked. Milestone-based approaches ensure timely project completion.

Productivity from anywhere

As long as performance is not affected, working from any place is fine. Some people can only focus well in the office and some can work well from anywhere. Either way we value in-person interactions for building camaraderie.

Fostering playfulness

Embracing a work environment that encourages a playful spirit and a touch of humor. We understand that taking ourselves too seriously will make the workspace look less interesting. Our preference is to create a dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere for our team members, all while maintaining a foundation of mutual respect.

Careers at Amy

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More than talented people and infrastructure; It's about happy people creating future innovations. Check out our careers page for current openings.

If you did not find the exact job opening you're seeking, we encourage you to submit your resume. This way, we can reach out to you when a matching position becomes available, ensuring you're among the first to be contacted.


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