Amy CMS Benefits

Empowering websites with simple-to-use tools


Ease of integration

Amy CMS is easy to integrate into your website.

Amy CMS seamlessly integrates into your existing website infrastructure, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient process. The intuitive integration process allows you to enhance your website with dynamic content without the need for complex coding or extensive technical expertise.

Just configure your subdomain and effortlessly incorporate Amy CMS into your website.

It just takes a few minutes to integrate and you just need to call the URLs from your header and footer links

You can copy paste your header and footer of your website to make Amy CMS apps pages reflect your brand and continuity to your website.

We have taken care of the rest like the responsiveness across different devices and browsers.

ease of integrations

Search engine optimized

Ensure your webpages are optimized for search engines.

Amy CMS prioritizes search engine optimization (SEO), ensuring that your webpages are not only visually engaging but also optimized for higher visibility in search engine results and helps you draw traffic to your website

Meta Tag Customization so you can effortlessly customize meta tags to enhance search engine indexing.

SEO-Friendly URLs so you can generate clean and search engine-friendly URLs for improved visibility.

XML Sitemap Generation by Amy CMS so you do not need to worry about XML sitemaps for better search engine crawling.

Keyword Integration so you can easily integrate and manage keywords to improve page ranking.


Good-looking website

Create a visually appealing and professional website

Amy CMS empowers you to create a visually appealing and professional website that captivates your audience and enhances your online presence.

We plan to provide you customizable templates so you can choose from a variety of templates to match your brand's aesthetic.

Media Integration: Seamlessly embed images, videos, and other media for a richer user experience.

Responsive Design: Ensures that your website looks stunning on all devices.

Typography Control: Fine-tune font styles and sizes to maintain a consistent and attractive design that is consistent with your other website pages.


Amy CMS Features

We will be adding more and more free tools for building cool websites

Blog Site

Share your ideas and stories with the world effortlessly

Careers page

Attract top talent by sharing job descriptions on your careers page and streamline your hiring process.


Enable your users to find answers to their questions on your website and provide a visually appealing knowledge base page experience.

Contact us page/Ticketing system

Allow your customers, partners, job seekers, and other stakeholders to reach out to you via the contact us page on your website, integrated with a ticketing system.

Press releases page

Easily post press releases on your website and showcase media logos that cover your press releases. Enjoy the optimal SEO advantage.

Get real-time notifications in your Amy enterprise collaboration workspace

Stay informed and engaged with real-time user metrics presented as notifications in your Amy CMS. This feature not only provides valuable insights into user engagement on your website but also serves as an effective tool for keeping your employees engaged and informed.

Receive instant notifications for new job applicants, keeping your hiring process streamlined.

Stay updated on user engagement with notifications related to blog user engagement.

Manage customer inquiries efficiently with Contact Us ticket notifications.

Monitor and respond promptly to knowledge base engagement notifications.

Showcase the latest press releases and receive real-time notifications so you know the user engagement on your press releases.

Update Your Website Without Leaving Your Workspace

Amy CMS is integrated into your workspace on Amy. This means you do not need to leave your workspace to manage your website, post job listings, update your knowledge base, or handle customer tickets.

Most common questions you may have

Is Amy CMS compatible with all types of websites?

Yes, Amy CMS is designed for versatility and is easy to integrate into various types of websites. Whether you have a blog, careers page, knowledge base, or any other web content, Amy CMS offers a seamless integration experience.

Can I customize the appearance of my website using Amy CMS?
How often are new features added to Amy CMS, and are they free to use?
Is Amy CMS secure, and how is user data protected?
If you need further information, please contact us.

Best of All, It's Free!

At Amy, the majority of our tools are offered to you completely free of charge. We believe in empowering businesses with essential resources without imposing financial constraints. While we provide a range of complimentary tools, we also offer advanced predictive reports utilizing AI for those seeking additional insights. Our commitment is to ensure that fundamental tools are accessible to all, fostering growth and success for businesses of every size.

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