How app intergrations work on Amy?

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Every app integration uses a group in Amy. People who install the App can use the features in that specific group.

Amy groups makes it simple to use.

Every app becomes intuitive and can be used via commands and chat previews. Groups within Amy make your team very productive.

Unlimited usage of app integrations

There is no limit on how many Apps can be installed by a company or on App usage.

Helps you gain new customers for your app

Since your app will be searched and found along with other apps, its visibility increases. Some companies may try or buy from you for seamless usage.

Benefits of app integrations

Apart from seemless access to many apps from your company workspace from one place, here are a few other benefits from the App Integrations.


Accessing multiple apps from a group within your enterprise collaboration space dramatically increases productivity and ease of use

Amy API integration

If you have your own apps and need to send and receive data from Amy, we can provide APIs to facilitate seamless integration with your apps.

Enhanced separtmental productivity

When all your departments can use apps from Amy and share information seamlessly across the enterprise, your company’s performance will multiply.

Growing App Integrations

While we have a smaller number of apps now, our goal is to expand the range of App Integrations to include hundreds, if not thousands, in the coming years.

Most common questions you may have

What are Amy Integrations, and how can they benefit users?

Amy Integrations are tools that allow users to enhance productivity and streamline workflows by integrating key applications such as GitLab, Jenkins, and Google Calendar. These integrations are designed to boost collaboration, code integration, and task management.

How does integrating GitLab through Amy benefit software development teams?
What advantages does integrating Jenkins offer in project development and management?
What information can I sync between my Amy account and Google Calendar?
How do I set up these integrations on Amy?
If you need further information, please contact us.

How to become a Amy app integration partner?

We partner with various organisations and train them on our API’s so they can build App Integrations faster. You can also be our partner to get better access to our API’s and help build more tools on Amy.

Be our integration partner
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