Why Choose amy.pro?

At Amy, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities the software services industry faces today. We're helping both the customers and the software agencies thrive in the competitive landscape of the ai age.

Amplify Your Reach

Gain access to global customers seeking your expertise.

Unlock new opportunities

Tap into multiple models and gain a steady stream of projects without the need for extensive marketing efforts.

Reduce your marketing spend

Save on marketing, sales and business development teams. Save also on Ads and marketing budgets.

Our Services

3 ways you can offer your services on Amy to our global network

Enterprise vendors and staffing agencies need your resources as contractors so, you can get steady and high value income by tapping into this opportunity.

Startups from around the world need reliable engineers, you can provide your engineering talent to them and help them build their products rapidly.

Large enterprises too are hiring more contractors than full time employees so, be ready to provide contract talent for their bulk hiring needs

outstaff your team

Expand your client base by accepting projects from customers in need of your services. Subscribe to standard packages and win bulk business or bid on custom projects that match your skills.

Subscribe to standard discount packages and win bulk business that match your skillsets.

Make good profit margins on rare skilled talent you may have by bidding for niche projects

Outsourced projects

If you have a customer requirement but need highly talented and reliable resources urgently, well hire a resource from Amy and re-price them to keep your profit margins.

Cross hiring enables you to increase your supply on demand and you can make this capability your competitive advantage to scale your business.

If you can focus on specific skills and cross hire, you can have the potential to be the global leader for a particular skill category.

Sub Contracts

Showcase Your Agency

List your agency on Amy. We verify all agencies and vet every engineer so customers can hire them with peace of mind.


Showcase your expertise

Feature your agency on Amy to make your talented teams accessible for potential clients.


Client feedback

Cultivate a stellar reputation with reviews and ratings from delighted clients.


Seamless collaboration

Enjoy transparent and secure collaboration, effortless timesheet management, automated invoicing, swift payments, and hassle-free onboarding.

How do we match the customers to you?

We strive to map the clients that match your current needs


Match only the ones that are ready to work in your timezone

Remote, onsite, Hybrid

Requirements matching your work preference like US Citizens or green card holders within US or from anywhere.


As per the availability provided by you (Available now, Available in a week, Available in 15 days, Available in a month)


Rates that match your requirements

Tech stack

Tech stack that match your people profiles are sent to you as leads

Ensuring Safety and Privacy for Agencies on Amy

This section answers common security and privacy questions for agencies considering Amy.

Customers on aumnics

Tailored for Agencies

Freelancing has the inherent risk. Freelancers often face uncertainty in securing continuous income after project completion, which can negatively impact their personal lives.

Our approach is to support those who have already taken the entrepreneurial leap by establishing their own businesses. Amy is a global marketplace designed exclusively for software services agencies, addressing their unique safety and operational requirements.

Protecting Your Developers

Every message sent by clients to your developers and scheduled calls are channeled through your team leads, primary contact, or company admin.

Our relationship managers maintain constant communication with clients and provide updates on customer readiness. Sensitive information, such as the fees you charge for your employees, remains confidential and is not visible to your employees.

Safe to publish
Published On Aumnics

Maintaining Company Privacy

Your company can represent its brand through your marketing heads, when listing your resources on Amy. On each resource's profile, their current work experience is displayed as Amy prime resource, and your company name is kept confidential.

Your company name, as well as the full name of the developer, will remain hidden until the developer is hired by the customer.

Employee Benefits and Trust

Once your employees are vetted, we feature your team on our platform. Clients are aware of this, which builds trust in the talent available on Amy.

Similar to how certification courses enhance a professional's value, candidates who pass the Amy Interview receive a Talent Score, which enhances their profile's attractiveness.

Vetted by aumnics
Customers on aumnics

Confidential Pricing

Your employees will not have access to pricing information. Pricing details are exclusively accessible to your team leads, primary contact, or admin.

Amy is tailored for software services agencies, ensuring your software teams can focus on their expertise without engaging in business discussions or bureaucratic processes.

Join amy.pro Today

Your Success, Our Priority: At amy.pro, we're committed to helping your agency prosper. Partner with us to unlock your agency's full potential in the marketplace. Here a few roles we offer exclusively global customers to hire these roles for contract positions

full_stack_developer_iconFull stack developers
full_stack_developer_iconFront end developers
backend-developerBackend developers
test_engineers_icon Test engineers
designers_iconUI/UX designers
business_analysts_iconBusiness analysts
engineering_managers_iconEngineering managers
poject_managers_iconProject managers
product_managers_iconProject managers
scrum_masters_iconScrum masters
data_sceintists_iconData scientists

Software service agencies that utilize Amy to publish and manage 10 remote software engineering teams are able to generate a monthly revenue of US$40,000.

*If the average resource cost is $25 per hour and works for 160 hours a month

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