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Advancing productivity with voice

Amy, your personal assistant At work is ready to assist you In every aspect of your Tasks - simply ask Amy.

Communication ec

Effortless collaboration

Send messages and schedule meetings with a simple voice command.

Simplify your life at work ec

HR made easy

Manage attendance, leaves, and more with intuitive voice controls.

Empower ec

Web management

Update your website, post blogs, jobs and schedule interviews effortlessly.

Make hiring easy ec

Recruitment expert

Let Amy find the perfect contract or full time talent with precision.

Improve productivity ec

Simplify project management

Let Amy help you bring project and team performance info at your fingertips.

Effortless collaboration

Typing messages is the thing of the past, Amy can type when you speak

One-to-one or group messages

You can ask Amy to send a one -to-one messages or a message a group


Schedule the meetings

Ask Amy to schedule a meeting in your calendar on a specific data

Add tasks to timesheets

Ask Amy to submit a task in your timesheets or seek approval from your reporting manager

HR made easy

Time punching, taking time-off and downloading your payslip with voice

Hey Amy, signing in for the day

Send messages and schedule meetings with a simple voice command.

Hey Amy, I need a leave on Nov 16

Amy can request a leave with your reporting manager and inform you Once the leave is approved

Hey Amy, print my October 2023 payslip

Amy can show your or print you your payslip from Amy clockit app

Web management

Keep the website up to date. Amy can post blogs, jobs, notify the applicants.

Post this blog on my website

Amy can post a blog on your Amy CMS blog site


Post this job on my website careers page

Amy can post a job on your Amy CMS website

Show list of popular FAQ’s on my website

Ask Amy about any information about your Amy CMS website

Recruitment expert

Recruiting? Amy brings contract or full time talent at your fingertips

Access contractors data From Amy connect

Send messages and schedule meetings with a simple voice command.

Hiring contract talent From other agencies?

Fill contract form and make payment With voice command

Hiring full-time employees, Amy can help

Amy can list candidates from Amy CMS and schedule interviews and issue offer letters.

Simplify project management

Let Amy help you bring project and team performance info at your finger tips

What is Amy Today’s Todo list

Ask Amy about your tasks from the project plan


Is anyone out of schedule from the my team?

Amy will show you if anyone are background of scheduled plan

I want to allot a 8 hour work to some one who do you suggest Can complete this task now?

Amy can help you find the best person in your team who can help you with additional work


Modern enterprise workspace Productivity re-discovered

The power of app integrations

Apps help you work seamlessly without having to leave your Amy workspace.


Marketplaces at your fingertips

Data from marketplace makes hiring Efficient and easy.


Security and data privacy of the highest degree

Your data is not used for any other reason than to improve efficiency for your business.


Get started today, it's free!

Come see why leading businesses are choosing Amy, as their personal assistant at work.

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US data centre

We host all our data in the US data centre.


Enterprise grade

Multiple modules, high scalability and robust security features to support the extensive requirements of your enterprise.


PCI compliant

We adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a set of guidelines and best practices for securing cardholder data and preventing fraud.

Your partner for Responsible AI

We keep your data safe and private with built-in security features that stay up-to-date as security protocols evolve. Our data centres are U.S.-based, our third-party AI/ML models are not trained on your data.

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