The magic of an integrated Attendance, Leave and Payroll Management app.

Hr, Benefits and payroll talk to each other


Clocking-in that fits your company.

Whether your employees work from home, office, or anywhere else, you can easily track their attendance and productivity with our flexible attendance management system. No matter where they are, they can clock in and out with just a few clicks.


Start work anywhere

With our system, you don’t need to worry about installing any software or hardware to manage your workforce. You can access our cloud-based platform from any device, anywhere, anytime. You can also use our mobile app to clock in and out on the go.

Record clock-in location

Our system allows you to record the location of your employees when they clock in and out. You can use this feature to verify their whereabouts, monitor their travel time, and optimize their routes. You can also set up geofencing rules to restrict clocking-in to specific areas.

Dedicated clock-in terminal

If you prefer a more traditional way of clocking-in, you can use our dedicated clock-in terminal that connects to our system. You can choose from various authentication methods, such as PIN, card, fingerprint, or facial recognition. You can also customize the terminal to suit your branding and preferences. You can call our API and submit that data to clockit

Time card fraud protection

Our system is accessible to only authorized employees on their PC’s or laptops only to clock in and out. Employee video meetings come with geolocation, device and IP’s detection that are mapped to clock in and out to avoid any suspicious or fraudulent activities


Our system provides you with comprehensive and customizable reports that give you insights into your workforce performance, attendance, and payroll. You can view and export various metrics, such as hours worked, overtime, leaves, absences, late arrivals, early departures, and more. You can also filter, sort, and group the data by different criteria, such as employee, department, location, or date.

Built-in compliance

Our system helps you comply with the labour laws and regulations of your country, state, or industry. You can set up different rules and policies for your employees, such as minimum wage, overtime pay, breaks, holidays, sick leaves, and more. You can also generate and submit the required documents and forms to the authorities with ease.

Attendance tracking for work from anywhere teams

Simplify attendance and enable your employees with automatic payslip access from their workspace

Punch in/punch out

Let your employees punch in, punch out and record breaks with simple messages like “Signing in for the day”. Set up different rules and policies for your employees, and view, edit, and approve their time entries.


Employee attendance report

Get comprehensive reports that show you the attendance and performance of your employees. View and export various metrics, and filter, sort, and group the data by different criteria.

Approval status

Review and approve your employees’ time entries, either individually or in bulk. Set up automatic approvals or delegate the approval process. Receive notifications and reminders, and track the approval history and status.


Simplify leave management

Manage your employees' time-off requests online with our leave management system. Define your leave policies, track your employees' leave balances, and approve or reject their leave applications.

Leave entry

Enter and manage online leave applications with our easy leave management software. Automate and streamline the process, ensuring accurate records and improved employee satisfaction.


Leave Balance

Keep track of your employees’ leave balances with our leave management system. View the available and used leaves of each employee, and set up different leave accrual rules and entitlements.

Leave Approvals

Review and approve your employees’ leave requests, either individually or in bulk. Set up different approval workflows by teams, and receive notifications and reminders for pending approvals.

Easy & Reliable Payroll Software

Our system is a fully integrated and user-friendly solution that simplifies your payroll process and eliminates errors. You can manage your payroll with confidence and accuracy, and comply with all the tax and labour laws.

Advanced payroll features

from one-man shops to thousand-person enterprises, our payroll is built to address your unique situation

Payroll processing

Tax filing and management

Regulation compliance

Reporting and analytics

Employee self-service portal

Integration and customisation


Easy payroll processing with guided wizards

Amy clockit simplifies your payroll process and suggests all the necessary steps, so you can manage your payroll with ease and accuracy.

Leave, attendance and over time deductions / payments

Amy clockit automatically calculates the deductions or payments for your employees’ leave, attendance, and overtime. You can also review and adjust them as needed.

Newly joined employees and exited employees payments

Amy clockit tracks the payments for your new hires and exits for the month. You can also review and settle their payments

Salary revisions and scheduled performance bonuses

Amy clockit updates the salary changes and bonus payments for your employees. You can also review and approve them.

Expenses and other ad hoc payments

Amy clockit records the reimbursements and other payments for your employees. You can also pay or hold them for the next month.

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